About Us

Body Balance was founded by Master Pat Hancock-65th generation Tien Shan Pai in 1986 to offer world-class traditional chinese martial arts training as it was passed down thru the ages from Grandmaster to Master.  Both internal and external arts are taught here.  Students come with different goals and reasons and each and every student receives the training they seek to achieve their individual goals: whether to compete at the World level, increase their physical fitness or to heal from injury or disease.

Master Pat Hancock

Pat Hancock has practiced martial arts for over 40 years and is a world-ranked master instructor. He was trained by Huang-Chien Liang, 64th generation Grandmaster of the Tien Shan Pai system who gave his blessing for Pat to establish his own school.  Pat is the 1996 gold medalist in the International Kung Fu competition and the 1986 bronze medalist at the World Kung Fu championship in Taiwan.

Pat dedicated many years of intense, strict traditional training involving 4-5 hours of training a day in addition to teaching, working and raising a family.  Pat is not only a Master of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Hsing I, but he is a natural-born teacher and continues to explore and discover greater depths within the martial arts and ways of teaching.  His skills, intuition, curiosity and years of experience combines the relaxed internal style of Tai Chi with the fast smooth character of Kung Fu in a holistic manner that makes martial arts available to everyone.  Pat is a proud Grandmaster to two of his student's schools: his daughter Eileen Hancock owner of Body Balance Academy of Northern California and his son Nicholas Hancock owner of Balance and Harmony of Canby, Oregon.

Body Balance has been featured on CBS Capital Edition, Washingtonian Magazine and Tai Chi Magazine. Pat served as consultant to the National Institute of Health and as stress management instructor for Maryland public schools. His services are recommended by area physicians, psychologists and chiropractors and Smith Center for Healing and the Arts of Washington, D.C.

Facility Rental

Our beautiful school building is available for rental. The 1500 sq. ft. building is air conditioned, lined with mirrors on one wall, and has organic wool carpeting. The building backs up to woodlands. It is excellent for meditation, dance, yoga, drum circles or seminars.  Contact us for further information.