Awakening Chi ®

"One of the reasons I decided to begin taking classes at Body Balance was because of the pain I was experiencing in my knees, hips, legs, and lower back. When I arrived at Body Balance Healing Arts, I was greeted warmly by Pat while he listened to why I wanted to take Tai Chi.  In just one session with Pat where he taught me Awakening Chi exercises, I noticed significant relief in the pain I had been experiencing daily for several months. I felt the stiffness in my knees and back loosen and the tenderness in my hips lessen. The morning after my first Tai Chi class I just knew I had to continue with classes. The more I practiced Tai Chi and the more I attended classes, the stronger my body felt, the less pain I was in, and the more I noticed a greater sense of centeredness within myself both in class, and throughout my day. I would absolutely recommend classes at Body Balance Healing Arts to anyone struggling with physical pain and/or to anyone who is looking for greater centeredness, inner connectedness, and increased mind body spirit harmony." ~Clair

Marcus Santer, Qi-Gong instructor, author, and founder of, attended Shi Ye Hancock's Awakening Chi course and had this to say about the experience.