Kung Fu

Kung Fu was developed by Chinese monks who observed the natural fighting skills of animals and adapted them for self-defense. Kung Fu utilizes strategies and skills that negate the dominance of size and weight.  The techniques are relaxed, fluid, and explosive like a whip rather than rigid and repetitive. The practice of Kung Fu develops not only cardiovascular capacity and endurance but a calm clarity in the face of adversity. The great diversity of blocking, striking and foot movements builds muscle strength and agility of both body and mind.

Your class will begin with the Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu warm-ups building your cardio capacity, flexibility, strength and technique. Your training progresses to learning Kung Fu forms which are a memorized series of fighting applications.  Some forms are two-man sets which are choreographed fighting routines where you begin to learn defending and attacking reactions.  If you choose to learn to spar you will start using these multiple fighting techniques in controlled sparring one-on-one at your pace. At the more advanced levels, weapon forms and weapon two-man sets are taught as well as Dragon, Praying Mantis, and Monkey forms to name a few.

Each student learns at their own individual pace to meet their personal goals.  Come to get fit or compete at a world-class level.