Kids Kung Fu

Kids Kung Fu

We all want our children to be Happy, Confident and Successful. Is your child developing cognitive and creative abilities to their fullest?

Here at Body Balance MD our Kung Fu programs give your children everything you want them to have -- Great Big Smiles with their increased success in every area of their lives: academics, sports, and the arts.  

Science is telling us that as the brain builds new neural pathways it needs stress-free exercise, and cross-lateral physical movement to help solidify these new constructs (Cooper) (Jensen.) Kung Fu is based on using a wide range of fluid cross-lateral movements while practicing to be both calm and alert, grounded and focused while executing the moves.  Kung Fu also exercises both the dominant and non-dominant sides of the body as each fighting technique is learned and practiced on both sides, and many weapons are held with both hands. Something else that is important for exercising the brain and helping to build connections between the right and left sides, is the use of the non-dominant hand (Boggio) (Nair.) Performing tasks that incorporate the non-dominant side, excites the parietal lobe which is devoted to language processing and spatial awareness (Nair.)  From blocks that sweep from one side of the body to the other, to fighting techniques that employ circular arm movements, cross-lateral movement is involved in almost every aspect of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu stands out in very key ways from other martial arts which are unilateral in their movements and are run under a rigid, simplistic system of instruction.


Kids Kung Fu

Testimonials from our young adult students.

"I have been taking Kung Fu classes for 1 ½ years and have just begun classes in Tai Chi. I have found that Kung Fu helps with my concentration by making me feel centered. A centered feeling helps me focus when I’m playing violin or painting. I feel strong and balanced with Kung Fu which improves my skiing. Kung Fu also helps with my confidence because it makes me feel strong willed and independent. Sometimes when I have a headache or a stomach ache Kung Fu helps me feel better by taking my mind off the hurt."

Teaching Kung Fu in Ecuador

In December, 2013,  Master Hancock taught at the Montanita Spanish School in Ecuador.