Master Pat Hancock is a disciple of the Tien Shan Pai system. He is the head Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Hsing I instructor at Body Balance and enjoys teaching all students from beginners to the most advanced. He began his studies in 1973 under 64th generation Grandmaster Huang-Chien Liang. With Shi Ye Huang’s blessing he built his own school in 1987 after taking bronze medal at the World Kung Fu Championship in Taiwan. In 1996 he earned an international gold medal in Hsing I Chuan.

Master Hancock raised his four children on Kung Fu who all became international Kung Fu champions. Pat’s first student to become a Master or Shi Fu of their own school was his eldest daughter Eileen Hancock who established Body Balance Academy of Northern California in 2004. His son Nicholas Hancock became Master/Shi Fu of his own school Balance and Harmony in 2005 in Canby, Oregon. His daughter Brynne Hancock is a medical doctor and his youngest Jaclyn Hancock is an environmental engineer.

Body Balance was featured on CBS Capital Edition, Washingtonian Magazine and Tai Chi Magazine. Pat served as consultant to the National Institute of Health and as stress management instructor for Maryland public schools. His services are recommended by area physicians, psychologists and chiropractors.

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