Tai Chi is an ideal lifelong exercise that is accessible for all levels of ability. Here at Body Balance you will be guided at your own pace of learning.  Our curriculum is designed to facilitate feeling chi from very early on.  You will be guided and encouraged at every step of the way from learning the basic fundamentals to the most advanced Tai Chi forms. 

You be learning the Yang Style long form which is the most popular style of Tai Chi, especially in the U.S. This style comprises of 108 steps and incorporates repetition of sequences which eases learning and facilitates the flow of Chi.


Push Hands

Tai Chi Two-Man Set

Tai Chi Straight Sword

A new sequence performed with straight double-edged wooden sword. Students learn to concentrate Chi beyond the body and into the straight sword. This form continues to build brain health by teaching new sequences.

·         Tai Chi Broad Sword

A sequence of circular movements with a single-edged wooden sword equipped with a curved blade.

Individual Applications

Individual applications offer a new approach to the stresses of life. It is possible to learn to stay calm in stressful situations, preserving energy and even sharing positive energy with others. Aggression, a product of the fight or flight reaction, depletes your energy, leaving you unprepared for the next challenge.

  • Self Defense
    Tai Chi Self-Defense helps you learn the applications of defensive and offensive movements in a controlled and gentle exchange. Once you understand the application of the movements your quality and technique used in the Yang routine will be enhanced. Students will learn to feel the strength and energy flow of positions from the routine by understanding their application. In addition to building protective skills, this practice enhances the quality of the Tai Chi form and builds a repertoire of moves. Tai Chi self-defense teaches individual applications from the routine in a controlled self-defense environment. Self-Defense deepens your ability to guide the flow of your Chi and builds on your ability to stay calm and focused in response to everyday stress.
  • Ancient Style
    Ancient Tai Chi routine emphasizes moving application of self-defense techniques. The Ancient Style is said to be the original form of Tai Chi before the family names were added. It is a shorter sequence which emphasizes moving applications of techniques. Self-defense moves are more obvious and include more foot movement.


Two-Person Application

Tai chi application                                              

In a two-person exchange using simple hand movements helps build awareness of your reaction under pressure. This type of exchange develops the ability to stay relaxed in stressful situations. It helps you build skills that can be applied in the work place, home or during traffic.

  • Push Hands
    Push Hands is a fun, social exercise which also builds knowledge of the Tai Chi routine.
  • Tai Chi Two-Person Set
    The Two-Person Set is the most advanced Tai Chi routine taught at Body Balance. The skills from Yang, Ancient Style and Push Hands are combined with new moves in a beautiful, flowing exchange of technique