Shi-Fu Musetta Engle-Pratt began her studies here at Body Balance at the age of 10 and earned her Black Sash at the age of 17 and is now working on her 2nd Degree Black Sash at the young age of 20. She is Master Pat Hancock’s full-time apprentice and lead instructor of the kids program and assists Master Hancock in the Adult program.   She has trained several students who have medaled in both forms and fighting in international competitions. Musetta has earned several medals in Kung Fu and Tai Chi in the US International Kuo Shu Tournaments in sparring and forms since 2007. One benefit of Kung Fu which Musetta has particularly enjoyed is that it exercises the entire body, both physically and mentally. Outside of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Musetta also enjoys playing her violin with her family’s band, reading, writing, baking, and art of all kinds.

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