Susan White 4/2/2012

In my daily life I notice I'm stronger, have more balance and more stamina - I feel like I'm cheating cause I'm not working out at the gym.

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Matt Withers - Uknown Date

I found great peace and enjoyment in the study of Tai Chi under Sifu Hancock, and was very pleased at the gradual gains in strength, flexibility and balance I felt... It has improved my ability to face stress in life, in my relationships, and even when I'm stuck in traffic. 

Mike - Date Uknown

What a great opportunity it is to come learn Kung fu with my son. Not only do we feel better but we have a closer bond and something in common that helps us get through our differences. The best part is that no matter what, the things we learn here will be something we share and that will be with us forever.

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Lisa DeLima

Lisa DeLima is a Certified Level 1 Tai Chi Instructor. She entered into our apprenticeship program in 2010 and became certified in 2015.  Lisa has studied and practiced diligently and has become an excellent, well-respected instructor. Lisa continues her studies in Tai Chi Straight Sword, Tai Chi Broad Sword, Ancient Style, Tai Chi Two-Man Set, Push-Hands, Combat Tai Chi and Taoist Meditation.

Kate Aloise Majarov

Kate Aloise Majarov has been a Tai Chi player since 1992 and a teacher since 1995.She began her studies under Master Pat Hancock in 2000 and began assisting and teaching in 2004. Kate is a certified instructor in Tai Chi, QiGong, Meditation and BaGua by Master Domingo Colon and Master Frank Allen. Kate is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and holds a B.A. in East Asian studies. Always a student, Kate finds teaching the most rewarding way to further her Tai Chi studies and help others.

Patricia Hancock

Patricia Hancock began her study of Tai Chi in 2004. She instantly became a diligent practitioner of Tai Chi after realizing the significant effect it was having on her health.Patty continued on to become a licensed massage therapist and a certified Tai Chi instructor under Master Hancock. She also has a broad knowledge of dietary and herbal remedies and is pursuing the ancient Maya way of healing. Patty continues in her passion for learning and teaching and brings a special warm energy to the classroom.


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