Tai Chi

Tai Chi's graceful forms incorporate deep breathing, relaxation and a full range of movement to release blocked energy and allow Chi to flow naturally again. This supports the body to heal and develop strength, vitality, calm and clarity.  Tai Chi is an ideal lifelong exercise that is accessible for all levels of ability.

Different stories have been handed down about the origins of Tai Chi. One version holds that it was developed by monks to protect themselves against bandits. In another story meditating monks were inspired by the movements of animals as they attacked and defended themselves. Some of the names-grasp sparrow's tail, white stork spreads wings, snake creeps down-seem to bear this out.  Tao Yin, a precursor to Tai Chi, dates back to China's Yellow Emperor, who lived over 4,000 years ago. The different styles of Tai Chi are named after the families that studied and developed them. They kept their forms a carefully guarded secret, believing that through Tai Chi they could attain immortality.