Taoist Meditation Seminar    with Master Pat Hancock

                    November 10th & December 1st

                                  Noon to 2pm

                             Fee $150 for both days

In this two-session seminar Master Hancock will be teaching Taoist Meditation. This system focuses on bringing the chi to nine essential points in your body and following it’s flow through the channels from one point to another. This system keeps your mind from wondering and eventually brings you to the ultimate goal of an empty mind. This practice enables you to focus chi through your entire body at will.


Included in this seminar:


  • Chi-gong warm-ups and stretching for preparation

  •  Understanding how to increase chi flow in Tai Chi practice

  •  Making the connection to nature and universal energy

  •  Seated and standing postures

  •  Incorporating meditation into daily routines




  •  A deep feeling of peace and calm

  •  Natural healing

  •  Freeing yourself from rampant thoughts

  •  Living more in the present 


Please register by email: pat@bbhamd.com   301-972-5644

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